CEM Dean joined the delegation to visit 3 universities in New Zealand and Australia
Time: 2017-11-14     Source: SCAU佳丽直播视频app下载新版本


From September 21 to 28, a delegation led by Professor Li Dasheng, Chairman of the University Council visited Massey University in New Zealand, University of Newcastle, and Murdoch University in Australia to promote new collaborations. During the visit, SCAU signed cooperative agreements with the University of Newcastle and Murdoch University.  


The  Delegation paid a visit to Massey University first, to the Institute of  Agriculture and Environment and the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and BiomedicalSciences in  particular. Representatives of the host university and our delegation had  productive discussions over issues like staff and student exchange, talent  cultivation and collaborative scientific research in colleges and subject areas  of mutual interest. Professor Jan Thomas, Vice-Chancellor of the University  received the SCAU delegation with warmth. Both Li Dasheng and Jan Thomas agreed  that the two universities share a similar development process and boast the same  key disciplines as they were both originally agriculture colleges. They wished  to enhance mutual understanding through this visit and sign the cooperative  agreement in order to promote the substantive exchange and cooperation between  the two universities. 

At the University of Newcastle, the SCAU delegation received warm hospitality from Winnie Eley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and visited a few colleges including Faculty of Science,Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. The representatives from both sides reviewed the application progress of the joint institute over the past few years, exchanged ideas about the future cooperative plans and signed the Memorandum of Understanding in the hope of building up the joint institute as soon as possible.

The  delegation went on to visit Murdoch University and had in-depth discussions with  the representatives from School of Engineering and Information Technology,  School of Veterinary and Life Science, and Business School. Consensus was  reached over fields like faculty and student exchange, collaborative scientific  research and collaborative training of postgraduate students. Professor Eeva  Leinonen, Vice-Chancellor of the Murdoch University extended a warm welcome to  the delegation led by Professor Li Dasheng and both of them signed the  Memorandum of Understanding and looked forward to the future  cooperation.


During the visit, the delegation also met with the alumni in New Zealand and Australia. Chairman Li introduced the achievements of SCAU over the recent years to the alumni, thanked them for their care and support. They had a heated discussion about the establishment of the SCAU Alumni Association in New Zealand and Australia. The attendees felt so proud of the Alma Mater and expressed their gratitude to the Chairman for making  the time out of his tight schedule. They promised to remain true to the original aspiration and that they would support future development of SCAU.


The delegation held an Overseas High-level Professionals Recruitment Fair at the University of Technology, Sydney, attracting applicants from various universities in Australia. 

Chairman Li’s delegation is joined by Ding Hongxin, Director of Human Resource Department, Feng Lixin, Director of the International Office, Li Jiyue, Dean of College of Forestry and Landscape Architecture, Jiang Qingyan, Dean of College of Animal Science, Wan Junyi, Dean of College of Economics and Management.

(Source: SCAU website)

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